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What is a free bet, and how to use free bets?


Free bets may sound good to be true. Do bookmakers offer their customers free money? Yes – specifically if you are smart about it. If it wins, You can think of a free bet as an opportunity to place money without risk and get paid out the net winnings.

The variance between a free and regular bet is that you do not give your money in free bets, so the risk money will not be refunded to you along with your winnings if you win the bet. Thousands of nemokami statymai are obtained from reputable bookmakers online at any given time. When you open a new account with a bookmaker, you qualify for a free lay down.

Why do bookies offer free bets?

Bookmakers use nemokami statymai to cheer people to sign up for their services and build a deposit into their accounts. Giving you something free in advance, bookmakers hope that you’ll continue to bet with them in the future.

How to use free bets:

There are different methods you can make free bets to your advantage. These are some of the options:

Double your bankroll – this is the simplest and easiest method of a free bet. If you already have an idea in mind, it makes sense to place it with a bookie who will give you free bets. Doing this will help to double your bankroll.

Hedge a bet – if you have a stake in mind, you can use a free bet on another likely outcome as a hedge. For example, you have to choose to place money on one team winning a sports event and then use a free bet to back the other team. This simple strategy can maximize or even guarantee your chances of making a profit without costing you extra.

Turn the free bet into money:

When you need to turn free risks into cash, You can use a strategy called matched betting. Matched betting involves placing a free bet on a particular output with a bookmaker and using a betting exchange to bet that the same outcome will not happen. Because you use the money for free, you guarantee a profit no matter which output happens or not.

Playthrough requirements:

If you see an open-handed free bet, check for playthrough requirements before accepting the offer. A playthrough requirement shows that you have to place some number or value of additional risks before any winnings on a free bet payout to you.

If a playthrough requirement applies, the simplest way to control the value of a free bet is to multiply the free bet by the number of times you need to turn it over or bet its entire value using your funds. The rules and regulations of playthrough requirements vary from one bookmaker to another.

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